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Since OSI is closing

I'm gonna whore out my little community. Anyone is welcome to come play. Just read the rules and apply

Kindred Spirits RPG

Welcome to Sangria City. Where the kindred spirits of the damned linger among the living either hiding in the shadows or putting themselves out on display for all the world to see. All of those things that go bump in the night are real and just waiting for you to join their haven here in the City of Blood.

Sangria City is an alternate universe city that is a mix between Hollywood and Gotham City where Vampires, Witches, and the rest of the supernatural world live along side the mortals. The macabre pulse of Sangria City is fueled by the blood that pumps through every being, giving life to a lost world that thrives on love, lust and greed. Come play but be warned, it's not going to be pretty.

First and foremost, this is a community for role playing purposes only. Everything is fake and for creative writing purposes only.

We welcome all races, ethnicity, and sexual orientations!!!


A few things before you request to join this community. Check here for the taken playbys then request the one you want held. We will hold a playby for 48 hours. Then, read the rules, and apply.
close my eyes forever

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Sorry for my absence as of late. I was without the interwebs!!! I has it back now so all is right with the world.

However, due to the lack of connection, I have become very behind in a lot of things, so it will take me some time to get caught up. Please be patient with me and don't spank me too hard. Okay? Thanks
close my eyes forever

Need assistance with a plot idea.

My character, Adam, needs someone with superior magic capabilities to play out something for his story line. I've tried to private message a couple of those in the community but have received no replies back. So if anyone can help me out, please contact me by comment, private message or on my AIM at fatallyxxxflawed.

Thanks in advance and Happy Halloween
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I'm having sudden computer problems, though I hope to get them sorted out today. See everyone asap. Good, non-reinstall thoughts are appreciated also.

-Nathan, who has been looking for an excuse to use this icon lately.
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Charloft character development community

charloft provides daily prompts for novelists, roleplayers, NaNo writers, fiction writers, and fanfic writers. If you've got a character that just won't get out of your head, come on down and let them roam in the Charloft! Participate as often or as infrequently as you like. No pesty application - just join up and you're ready to go.

Best of all, Charloft will offer awards and prizes for some of our activities. These will range from banners and badges for your user info to actual prizes like books on writing and paid LJ time.

We also allow for roleplaying, character questions, and other interactive activities outside of prompts - so there's always something to do at the Charloft!

Join today - prompts start Monday!

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Sorry to be a little missing as of late. It's midterms for me, and they are sucking something horrible. What was I thinking to be taking History of European Political Theory? I'll be back when I recover from them, which shouldn't take more than a week, tops.